A profile of… Desmond Jaddoo

A profile of… Desmond Jaddoo

It is all very well and good naming the candidates for the role of Mayor of Birmingham but they are just names. We need to know more about them. Who are they? What do they do? It occurred to me that we must explore each candidate; really delve into their lives, their histories, their background, let alone where they stand on the main issues affecting Birmingham.

Desmond Jaddoo is a Birmingham born and bred candidate. One of five children, he was raised in Aston. He worked for Birmingham City Council for over 17 years in The Housing Department. During this time, Desmond appreciated the needs and cultures of individuals and the diversity of Birmingham.

The 45-year-old has been involved in many community projects in inner city Birmingham over the years and attends Perry Beeches Baptist Church. It is here where Desmond is involved heavily in the development of young people and their faiths and education of transferable skills. Mr. Jabboo sees the need for preparing our youth for the future as very important, because it is a way of letting them focus on their strengths, and focus on positive outlooks.

It is this background that has helped Desmond Jabboo see the importance of Birmingham becoming a city of leadership and the importance of the citizens of Birmingham having a voice – the right to have a vote, use the vote and get involved in local politics.

Desmond was mentored by the late Alderman Cross, a long-standing Councillor in Aston. Desmond remembers seeing Alderman Cross walking in his ward every weekend and getting to know all sorts of people, not just near election time. Desmond admired this.

Desmond has now been spurred on to change the city for the better. He first needs people to vote ‘yes’ in the referendum and is more determined than ever that this will happen…

By Bradley Jolly – 17/3/12

Note – The image was given to me by Mr. Desmond Jabboo.

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