Primary School teacher comments about Academies.

Fortunatly I was able to quickly ask a primary school teacher for her view about it, but she only gave me a small answer, as she isnt really able to comment on this issue. She has been a qualified teacher for over 5years now, she works at a primary school in Birmingham in the area of Stechford.  I am unable to name her school and her real name, so she calls herself Louise, and here is what she had to say about schools becoming academies:

“If the school has been trying and still isn’t doing as well as what is expected of the pupils and the staff who work at the school then the school shouldn’t be complaining of the chance of it turning into an academy. If they really have tired then the next step is the academy. The academy is there to help not to make things worse”.

It has only recently come out in the news that some primary schools are on a list to become an academy.This is due to the school, pupils and staff under performing. Many people have been showing that they do not agree with it, and a lot of people are against the idea of their school becoming an academy.


By Hannah Ambrose

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One response to “Primary School teacher comments about Academies.

  1. You need links – what news article? Who says it’s due to underperforming? Are there dissenting views?

    Put your ‘new’ information – your best interview comment – at the top. The background comes after. And try to get more than one par out of your interviewee (how exactly is it there to help? The accusation is that these schools are being pressured because of political motivations) – or speak to more than one person.

    Watch for capitalisation: only the first word of your headline should start with a capital.

    Avoid adding your own opinion: “in actual fact the reason it is turning into an academy is to help the pupils and staff work better and learn better.” – there’s no fact here: only one person’s opinion with no evidence. You need to seek out more, and challenge more.

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