Pundits react to ‘no’ vote

Political journalists, would-be mayor candidates and commentators have reacted following the news Birmingham voters decided against a directly elected mayor.

Neil Elkes, a political journalist with Birmingham Mail and Birmingham Post tweeted, ‘Ladywood (Jewellery Quarter) and Edgbaston only two of Birmingham’s 40 wards to back a mayor‘.

Desmond Jaddoo said, “I will [continue to] fight for the people of the City, we have real issues like gang culture, gun crime along with deprivation”.

Sion Simon admitted the BBC that his decision to stand down as Birmingham Erdington MP in 2010 to stand as an elected mayor candidate was a risk.

Mr. Simon said, “Sometimes you do things, take a risk, because you believe in something and it doesn’t come off“.

However, John Hemming MP has been against the proposal during its campaign and so today said people from Birmingham have declaredresoundingly they want accountable democracy”. 

By – Bradley Jolly (4/5/12)

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One response to “Pundits react to ‘no’ vote

  1. Avoid cliche: “Reaction is rife” doesn’t mean anything. And your headline needs to tell us what that reaction is. If you’re quoting tweets link to them (each tweet has its own URL – click underneath to find it, normally on the date or ‘details’) and/or use screengrabs to liven things up.

    You don’t need to tell us Sion hasn’t spoken to you, just “told the BBC”

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