Desmond Jaddoo says “Yes” to Birmingham Mayor

On Sunday 15th April a debate took place at the Birmingham Town Hall. The debate was in aid of the “Yes to Birmingham Mayor Campaign”.

Amongst the panel of the second part to the debate was council member Desmond Jaddoo. Desmond is in full support of the Yes Campaign and will be running for Mayor if the Yes vote wins.

Desmond began the debate by saying he was shocked that it took so long for the youth of Birmingham to be mentioned.

“18-24 year olds make up a third of the voting community in Birmingham”.

Desmond then went on to say how important it is to involve the youth of Birmingham and that they should hold parts of these powers.

On the topic of powers, Desmond talked about how Birmingham needs to be put back on the map.

“Birmingham is a city that is in reverse right now”.

Desmond went on to talk about how other cities such as Middlesborough have benefited from having a mayor. He spoke of how crime had been reduced and regeneration is in place.

Adam Harrison, a member of the public had written into the Yes to Birmingham Mayor campaign and asked “Transport networks stretch across wider boundaries than cities, so how can an elected Mayor coordinate transport across a wider area than the city of Birmingham?”

Desmond responded to this question by saying that the Mayor will have to look at the global picture of transport and not just Birmingham.

“There needs to be a transport commission for in and around Birmingham, we need to tackle issues such as road safety and look at alternative methods of transport such as motorbikes, cycling etc. We need to take each issue dissect it and not over complicate it. Bottom line is people want to get home quicker, they want to get back to their families quicker.”

Desmond finished by emphasising how important the community of Birmingham are and how the powers that will be given to the mayor should be directed at what the people want and not what others think they need.

By Amrit Pnaiser

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One response to “Desmond Jaddoo says “Yes” to Birmingham Mayor

  1. Very good – using blockquotes well now and you have a clear angle – although I think your first par could be dropped down and replaced with something stronger (e.g. In a debate Jaddoo said his priorities were X, Y and Z)

    Also, “say’s” (headline) doesn’t have an apostrophe – should be “says”

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